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Problems Solved.

Throughout my career, I have been a source of solutions for my clients.  They come to me with a need, a problem or a requested want that simply must happen.   The "crazy ideas" opening statement, the "my client wants" directives, the "we have to top last year's"  goals and the "can't I just clone myself" hopes.  They are unsure of how to accomplish so many tasks at hand and that's where exactly I come in.   


I creatively solve these types problems on a daily basis, and even more so excel in fixing the unexpected "X-factors" that can occur and catch the curve balls  thrown at my clients...sometimes with their knowledge and sometimes without.

Here are a just a few examples of solutions I've provided for my clients:

The Crazy Idea...

 Planner's Problem: 

I need to create Central Park in a ballroom that is basically a big box for our closing reception.


  • Jumped into researching the iconic elements of Central Park, created life-sized vignettes that honored this location of next year's meeting.  

  • To bring the most famous park to the event  a "Tavern on the Green" restaurant entrance that acted as a buffet station was built, replicas of the Alice in Wonderland bronzed statue garden for guests to explore were created, even an open structure that recreated "The Boat House" as a massive bar was brought to life. 

  • The most transforming aspect was building several topographical structures that were actually 8-foot tall foundations for bushes, shrubs and greenery to lay the groundwork of greenery that gave way to 12-foot tall trees that reached heights over 20-feet tall creating canopies of park-like massive tree setting.  

  • Tucked in the verdant displays were soundscapes that included chirping birds and the sound of handsome horse-drawn cab trotting by for the unexpected touch for guests.

My Client Wants...

Planner's Problem:  

A team building event that is fun, challenging and is about Chicago...for 200 VERY competitive attendees of a leadership the same time...with only 5 hours of time and ends as a group dinner.


  • Had an insightful conversation about the goals of the meeting and how this activity can enforce the message, demographics and personality types to best serve the group and achieve the goal.

  • Kicking off the activity by hold an hour long, high-energy draft party, where teams were formed - team uniforms were set thanks to colorful t-shirts and quick add accessories while the rules of the game were established and mysterious prizes were teased.

  • Create a "Did you know?" on the streets trivia / scavenger hunt experience where 14 teams (each with a local guide to keep on track) - embarked on an interactive competition that took teams from their hotel up and down Michigan Ave solving riddles, capturing photos of tasks being accomplished and discovering clues to the next location/challenge took just under 3 hours.

  • The final location, turned out to be dinner and a most memorable trophy presentation at an iconic Chicago pizzeria where the location was close to the public allowing the attendees  to dine on deep-dish pizza, build your own beef sandwiches and an open bar for the remainder of the night.  

We Have to Top Last Year's...

 Planner's Problem:  

We have a casino night every year with spouses, what could we do that is just as fun, but not the same old casino night? 


  • A "Night at the Races" was a wildly fun event where the decor embraced classic horse racing decor where guests were led on a path set by white fence railing to a tent structure, with rustic bars and colorful jockey silks and buffet stations that host oversize silver loving cups urns with massive red rose displays.

  • A live band provided the night's musical entertainment while the perimeter of the event space hosted a set of 4 elevated rear projection screens located in each corner and a trio of betting booths lined the sides of the space.

  • Guests were given time to mingle and review custom made race books where the names of each of the 8 races and horses running were printed to have fun with the company's culture and guests at the event.

  • Announcements would be made almost every 20 minutes by the band that betting windows were opened or closed at set times, so guests were able to place bets for each race with their "betting bucks" tucked into each race program.

  • At every race time a live trumpeter would blow his horn as the screens would come to life with a prerecorded race.  

  • A professional live horse race announcer would take center stage and call out the race as it was unfolding on the easily seen screens adding an iconic touch of a day at the races - guests were so invested in each race that the cries of cheers grew louder with each race.  

  • The excitement of the night lasted well past the scheduled end time as the CEO saw that his guests were having such fun - he extended the night 2 more hours and created a post race party filled with dancing and late night merriment.  

Can't I Just Clone Myself...

 Planner's Problem:  

I have so much to do; can't I just clone myself?


Not yet, but...

  • I can help by taking on any overwhelming projects that need the same high-level detailed attention that planners give.

  • Due to the lack of cloning machines I'm able to rise to the challenges and provide solutions for planners.  

  • I assist planners in areas that they feel need to be cloned; from planning to execution to post program debriefs, knowing their expectation is perfection and that many times you just have to dive in and do the work it takes to be done right.

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