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Pure Energy - Chicago Block Party  

CLIENT: Choose Chicago   |   EVENT: I.P.W. Closing Event   |   Venue: Museum of Science & Industry 

Gatsby's Greatness

CLIENT:  PSZ&J   |   EVENT:  Opening Celebration   |   Venue:  Crystal Ballroom at Hyatt Regency Chicago

A Fiery Gala

CLIENT:  Minding Your Business   |   EVENT:  W.S.A. Gala   |   Venue:  Terzo Piano and Griffin Court Art Institute of Chicago 

All images are from events designed for my clients while with Kehoe Designs. 

Pure Energy Chicago was an event that captivated guests with an electric atmosphere that they will not soon forget.  Imagine if Chicago had an amazing block party that spanned from the Northside to the Southside and everything in-between. 

For this event the vibrant cultures of this great, diverse city merged to create the world’s largest “House Party”.  Guests explored the distinctive neighborhoods of Chicago; Devon Avenue, Wicker Park, Pilsen, The Magnificent Mile, and the main stage area set in The Southside.

To kick off the event, guests were greeted by the uplifting sounds of The Soul Children Choir of Chicago on the outdoor steps of the stately entrance while in the central space, known as The Rotunda, featured local DJ’s with nonstop spinning of sounds that were a perfect mix of retro-Soul and Rhythm and Blues for most of the night until the event was capped with a surprise by performance of a hometown Diva to end the event.


Guests were able to explore the various cultural areas of Chicago's neighborhoods presented through delicious foods set on eye-catching buffets, specialty bars placed in perfect locations pouring libations all night long and performance artists that included dancers and interactive performers.  

Pure Energy - The Arrival
Pure Energy - South Side Soul
Pure Energy - Explore
Pure Energy - The view from above
Pure Energy - Pilsen
Pure Energy - Colorful Cocktails
Pure Energy - Peek-a-Boo Kitchen
Pure Energy - Devon Street
Pure Energy
Pure Energy - Wicker Park
Pure Energy - Elevate Delights
Pure Energy - Michigan Ave.
Pure Energy
Pure Energy - Pretty Touches
Pure Energy - Devon Street Flavor
Pure Energy - Soft Seating
Pure Energy - Pilsen
Pure Energy - Candlelit Accents
Pure Energy - Beautiful Blues
Pure Energy Performance
Pure Energy - Pure Performer
Pure Energy

After a day of meetings and educational sessions, 400 guests were treated to opening event that embraced a classic Chicago theme; the Roaring 1920's with a touch of Great Gatsby excess.  


The entrance to the event space was defined by sweeping panels of emerald green with an Art Deco gilded palm leaf chandelier, crystal drippings accents that seems to be pulled from the days of Al Capone.  


In the ballroom, guests discovered sumptuous lounge groupings,  custom created emerald green silk with gold finished lattice double bars backed with mirrored shelving units surrounding a massive dance floor that framed the stage dressed for a 12-piece band that played nonstop.  


Throughout the massive ballroom, the decor elements and guest tables were bathed in amber light adding a soft candlelight feel to the entire event space.  Towards the end of the night, guests were invited to select their favorite sweet treat with a decadent candy bar set in oversize vessels and serving dishes.

Speakeasy - Arrival
Speakeasy - Focal
Speakeasy - The Stage is Set
Speakeasy - Emerald Elegance
Speakeasy Lounge Details
Speakeasy - Art Deco Photo Opt Loung
Speakeasy - Silk Latice Bar
Speakeasy - Dessert

The client was based in the steel industry, and wanted to create an elegant reception and dinner for 400 guests, with one request, no use of the overused steel grey tones of event past.  They wanted an eye-catching design for this year's Gala event.  The pallet of molten steel became the driving force of the color-story combined with the setting the Modern Wing created a stunning night of contemporary design and fiery decor for guests.

The evening began in the famous Terzo Piano private event space as a cocktail reception.  The decor hinted to the molten like styling of the event as color blocking of crimson, fiery oranges and sizzling yellow provided bold accent colors to an environment of crisp modern decor of mostly pristine white lounges, tables and specialty bars blended chrome.  


Upon the conclusion of the reception, guests were welcomed to Griffin Court that was absolutely transformed into a stylish seated dinner and awards ceremony.  The dining tables were a mix of squares and rectangles that incorporated a custom designed graphic that embraced the rich colors of melting point of steel.  


Like lava flowing colors such as onyx, scarlet reds, auburn-like oranges and touches of sun setting yellows, abstract designs were mixed to create striking graphic designs that covered two styles of dining tables.  Clear modern chairs allowed for the design to be unobstructed while amazing centerpieces took on the theme via innovated approaches of being illuminated from below or in mirror containers that would reflect the graphic decor on the tables as guests were seated.

This blistering pallet continued as the lighting designs in the massive white space slowly evolved during the night at a slowly evolving pace that added a hint of movement as this dynamic lighting design changed subtly while guests enjoyed their final night in Chicago.

Molten Hot Designs
Amber Lounge
Wall of Fiery Light
Fiery Soft Seating
HOT Table Designs
Liquid Steel Gala Dinner
Lava-like Molten Graphic Runner & Floral
Liquid Steel Gala Dinner
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